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You, Achiever, are the kind of a player that aims to gain "points", equipment, levels, and other solid measurements in order to succeed in a game. You are also known as a "Diamond". You will try very hard to achieve rewards that grant you little or no gameplay benefit at all simply because of the prestige of having it.

Single-player appeal to the Achiever

Each game that can be "defeated" in some way provides you play style by giving you something to achieve. Achievers find attractive especially the games that offer extra endings, special movies, or other bonuses for defeating it with a 100% completion rating.

Multi-player appeal to the Achiever

One of the things that you find appealing of online gaming is that you have the chance to hold elite status to others as well as show off your skill. In fact, you value (or hate) the competition from other Achievers, you look to the Socializers to give them praise instead. Due to your achievements, you are not an easy target of the Killers anymore and may take pleasure in being in your own new position on the food chain. You also enjoy seeing your username appearing at the top of ladder systems and scoreboards. Many games are designed to offer players like you exclusive mounts or special titles or other in-game items if you have achieved a place in the top of the competitive ladder. Those of you who can get points by completing difficult “Achievements” or “Quests” in different games you purchase, Microsoft Xbox Live utilizes the Gamescore in order to give rewards. And, in turn, you can compare yourself to the other players from different countries. The Achiever is the style of play which in many ways has been most targeted by the MMORPG genre. There is always something else to attain in many successful MMOs, even if the character has achieved the highest level already, because often there are some rare items to obtain or objectives that were missed the first time. You may spend a lot of time engaging in a repetitive action in order to receive one more award as you can sometimes set very complicated goals for yourself, especially if you think you will be the first (or among the first) to accomplish them.

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