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"Clubs" is the exact moniker for what the Killer loves to do. You thrive on competition with other people in the game, and prefer attacking, fighting others instead of the scripted computer-controlled competitors.

Single-player appeal to the Killer

You are the kind of gamer who loves to create destruction, so games that are high in action, carnage, and full with environments able to be destroyed are certainly a big plus for you. Also, many of you enjoy the chance to withdraw from the norm of being in a status as “the good guy” who always appears to save the day. You will choose to play on the evil or conquest side instead. On the opposite, as a Killer, you also represent the archetype which is most interested in having an influence on your environment. Therefore sandbox games in which you are able to take a direct hand in building or destroying a virtual society will definitely seem interesting to you as well. Although you may love to kill, you also enjoy creating things/items that can help you kill.

Multi-player appeal to the Killer

Creating chaos among people and things that are computer-controlled may be fun to you as a Killer, but nothing can outdo the joy of pitting your skills against a real player-controlled competitor. The joy of being a Killer for most of you comes from a quite friendly competitive spirit. You are trying to read the actions of your enemies and mainly acting with honor towards them. You are in it for the sport. However, there are different types of Killers. For some of you, it’s more about the ability to hurt others, the pleasure of the hunt, or the power. One great example is “owning” or “ganking”. It’s a process where you, as a Killer, take your strong character to a place where weaker, less experienced characters are located, and go ahead to slay them repeatedly. Once you have found a character that is beneath your level of strength it becomes more and more satisfying to stalk this character through different zones and “Hunt” him/her. Stalking and killing a weaker player over and over adds a special kind of thrill, which is well explained in the short story called The Most Dangerous Game. If a stronger opponent arrives in order to help, you either hide and wait patiently or secretly sneak somewhere else to begin the process over again. This kind of a Killer loves to have the fame of being someone that everyone should fear and watch out from, or even better, someone who should be "Killed on Sight". In other cases, some of you choose to take an active part in the economic and social sides of a multiplayer game. For example, market control strongly draws your attention, especially of those of you who have a natural talent for market reading (possibly an extension of your average aptitude for sizing up weaknesses and strengths, important to your play style). Those of you who are Social Killers use to be the leaders (or trolls) of the online community. Many have it wrong by thinking that you are completely antisocial or having no friends while quite often it’s not the case. Even those of you who are known as the more aggressive and hostile Killers are able to inspire a sort of hero-worship by less experienced and talented Killers or Achievers, and some of you are simply nice players who just enjoy competition. In any case, if you are bored, you’re still a Killer and can be a threat to the community, since your natural drive to compete and sometimes (or often) harsh attitude will push you to create trouble even when you don’t really mean to.

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