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There is a large group of people who choose to play games due to the social aspect of it, rather than the game itself. Do you love to meet new people, build relationships and chat a lot? Well, then you’re a Socializer! You are also known as a "Heart". The biggest enjoyment from the game you gain by interacting with other players, and in some cases, computer-controlled characters that have a personality. The game for you is only a tool giving the chance to meet others in-game or even outside of it.

Single-player appeal to the Socializer

There are few games that you enjoy playing based on your benefits, since your goal is not so much to explore or win as it is to be social. In order to use your experience to socialize with others who have played the game before, or to use the multi-player features, you play some of the more popular games instead. However, some games have been designed especially with this play style in mind. The growing amount of games that offer important relationships includes Mass Effect, Knights of the Old Republic and Fable titles. In addition, there are a few single-player games that have a powerful community around them. There are single-player games that give players an opportunity to use the forums for posting pictures of what they have created as well as share experiences (such as SimCity 4, Cities: Skylines and Dwarf Fortress). Sounds fun, right?

Multi-player appeal to the Socializer

For you the online environment is really appealing, because it provides almost limitless potential for new relationships with other people. As soon as you start meeting new people, your friend list starts to grow (oh, how it does!), but it doesn’t stop there. You begin to get to know each person better through private messages and sometimes even voice chat. You take all advantage of the ability to join kinships or guilds in numerous online games, and establish fast relationships as well as try to help other players. You are compatible with nearly everyone. If you are one of the more respectable and powerful Socializer even Killers will often get along with you (or simply understand the fact that picking up a fight might involve your friends), but if you are one of the more dramatic Socializers, you bloom symbiotically on the chaos that has been created by some Killers. Sooner or later, you will possibly be a well-known name on your specific server, either for the drama you are a part of, or the services you provide.

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