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Do you always struggle to find the right way how to look good on a webcam? 

Well, I’m about to make your day because you’ve come to the right place! 

In this guide, I’ll give you a few simple steps towards achieving a great appearance on a webcam. 

1. Make an effort

Make an effort

So first things first - look good if you want to look good! Sit up straight, smile a little, do your make-up. You’ve got to make an effort because you’re about to be on camera!

2. Use a good lightning

Use good lightning

It can be very simple, for example, a simple desk lamp right over the lens of your device, have it centered and it’s definitely going to be flattering to everybody. Or you can also sit towards a window, that could light you from the front. 

You don’t want to be lit from underneath and look like a blue Frankenstein, you want to be looked from the front with soft light. It shapes the face and gives you a little bit of a glow, but for that to work, you have to get rid of the other lighting in the room.

3. Have the right placement of lens

Have the right placement of lens

As a next thing, you don’t want the lenses to look at you from underneath. It’s better if they look slightly down at a person. That means - raise your device so that it’s just about equal to your hairline because that’s the best place for it. Angle the screen or the device until you finally center yourself on the screen. 

Make sure everything is centered: you are centered to the lens, the light is centered to the lens because this symmetry is what makes the face look great.

4. Keep an efficient distance

Keep distance

You don’t want to sit too close to the camera because these devices have wide-angle lenses and they’re not adjustable. So, if you get too close to wide-angle lens, it exaggerates things that are close to them, such as your nose, your chin and that doesn’t look that attractive, right?

5. Keep the background simple

Keep the background simple

Another thing that’s really helpful, is to keep the background very simple. Use just a clean, simple background because if you would have a whole office in the background, there would be a lot of visual noise going on.

6. Don’t look at yourself!

Don't look at yourself

A part of human nature is to look at ourselves (I guess we are just a little fascinating about ourselves!). But don’t look at yourself! You want to appear looking at the engaging other person. That means you’ve got to look at the lens. That’s actually where the eye contact happens. So, when you’re talking to the other person, look at the lens, that’s your eye line. It will give you the right eye contact. 

If you’ve followed all of these six steps, you’re definitely ready to look awesome on your webcam!

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