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Getting A Career In Esports: How To Get Started?

There are more jobs in esports than ever before, which makes it easier than it was to get involved and get paid for it. The bad news is it usually requires a lot of dedication and hard work, and it can get quite competitive, therefore you'll want to make sure it's something you're passionate about. Here are the five ways how to kick-start a career in esports.

1. Work experience is a good starting point

Reach out to organizations, teams, broadcasters, tournament providers and other companies that sponsor or are involved in esports in some way. Try contacting someone you want to work with. The bigger the company, the bigger the chance that you'll be able to book some work experience, but going for a smaller company has an advantage when it comes to a more hands-on role.

2. Find a niche

Being an all-rounder has its benefits, but focusing on one area and specializing in it can benefit you even more.

Research the various job roles above and try to identify an area you wish to get involved in.

3. Become a volunteer

There are some companies that are often looking volunteers and those positions can be also paid-for.

Becoming a volunteer gives you an opportunity to get more involved in the field from the inside. The benefits also include gaining valuable experience, having something to add to your CV or even getting involved with an event for free. Potential employers will likely be impressed if you have volunteered and have a glowing review from whoever you volunteered with.

4. Just do it

Don’t hesitate or talk yourself out of it. The best way to learn, sharpen your skills and develop yourself is to just start doing whatever it is you want to get paid to do.

"Don't let your dreams be just dreams. Make it a reality."

Start somewhere, start with small steps. If you want to be a pro player, practice and join a local team to start with. If you want to be a journalist, start a blog, write regularly and promote your content. If you want to be a caster, begin casting! Or consider taking a course, studying a degree to specialize in a specific area.

Just by taking the initiative you’ll gain new contacts, open doors, develop your skills and impress potential employers.

5. Stay focused

Once you know what you want and have some experience built up, sign up for online job alerts, follow the companies you want to work for and check for their job openings.

Here are some esports job sites:

It's always a good idea to just generally be on the lookout for jobs. Try getting into a routine where you check for jobs once a day or once a week. Yes, sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated, but if you stay focused and keep on working at it, jobs will come up.

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