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Getting A Career In Esports: What You Need To Know?

Do you want to land a job within esports? How can you open doors and earn a living in the industry?

The truth is, you don’t even need to be a professional gamer to do that. In this post, I’ll outline some options for you.

Though it may not yet be common between some people, esports is actually a growing field that offers several viable career options.

Some people still have an impression that playing video games is a waste of time and it’s definitely not valuable to a person's development or career. But so few know that esports actually offers job seekers genuine opportunities.

In 2016, esports is set to generate almost $500m in global revenues, and there are more companies getting involved in this area than ever before. Due to that, more jobs are becoming available as well. Both for newcomers and those already experienced.

So, what kind of jobs are there?

There are various roles within esports and many non-endemic companies are opening esports divisions or adding roles that work within the area.

I’ve listed down some of the more well-known jobs in esports.

  • Professional player
  • Journalist/content creator
  • Product manager
  • Community/social media manager
  • Admin/referee
  • Shoutcaster/host
  • Broadcast/production crew
  • Coach/analyst
  • PR/Marketing executive
  • Sales/partnerships manager
  • Organisation owner/manager
  • Agent Event manager
  • Other roles (finance, statistician, support, lawyer etc.)
  • Other gaming careers (publishers, distribution, developers etc.)
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