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The Pros

  • Gorgeous picture quality;
  • Impressive design;
  • Solid built-in speakers;
  • Low latency;
  • Strong G-Sync performance

The Cons

  • Pricey;
  • Navigating menus can be challenging


The Acer Predator X34 curved and ultra-wide gaming monitor offers an impressive level of immersion as well as strong G-Sync performance — only if you're willing to pay the price.

34-inch curved display, 100-Hz overclocking, G-Sync, and built-in LED lights - the ultimate wish list for gamers. Acer Predator X34 is beyond HD gaming monitor of your dreams!


Acer Predator X34 certainly earns its name. Thanks to its thin, aluminum legs and jet-black paint job, it’s just as savage as it is sleek. It’s recognized by its set of bottom-facing LED lights, which can illuminate your most likely already-glowing mouse and keyboard. Lights can be set to glow blue, red, orange, green or white, as well as set them to pulsate in and out, ripple side to side or just stay static.

It’s possible to raise or lower the display about 5 inches up or down, as well as tilt it 5 degrees forward or 35 degrees back. However, it is not possible to swivel the monitor right or left, which actually makes sense for a display that has such a wide viewing angle.

Ports and Interface

All of the inputs of the Predator are hidden on the rear panel of the device. The HDMI port and DisplayPort of the monitor are able to handle whichever console, PC or media box you wish to attach to it. The headphone jack, USB 3.0 ports, and USB Type B port are more than enough for your peripherals.

To navigate menus of the Predator you need to use six small buttons that are hidden under the right side of the screen. The buttons are tiny and quite close to each other, which sometimes make it difficult to navigate.

Gaming Performance

If you had never been sold on the concept of a curved gaming monitor, Predator will change your mind! You’ll enjoy the wide and simply stunning view of the game. The Predator is just as dependable for competitive games as it is for cinematic ones. It is one of the first curved monitors to show off Nvidia’s G-Sync technology which has a purpose of eliminating screen tears and stutters by syncing a PC’s graphics card directly with a monitor. It certainly makes a difference during a playtime.

Multimedia Performance

Of course, the ultrawide, curved monitor has more to offer than just gorgeous gameplay experience at super-immersive resolutions. It is also an impressive all-around multimedia display. Watching movies makes you feel like in a mini movie theater. Multitasking on Windows 10 is especially handy on the Predator, as splitting the screen between two different windows never feels like you're sacrificing space on either side.

Brightness, Color, and Latency

Acer's curved gaming monitor was just as impressive in our lab tests as it was during everyday use. The display registered a strong 261 nits on our brightness test, topping our 223.5 gaming-monitor average.

The Predator delivered mixed color results. The monitor recorded a Delta-E color-accuracy rating of 1.77 (closer to 0 is better), beating the 4.9 average. The panel covered 98.9 percent of the sRGB color gamut, falling a bit short of the 103 percent average.

A bright, colorful monitor is no good if it's laggy, but fortunately, the Predator proved to be as responsive as it is good-looking. The monitor netted a latency of 9.7 milliseconds, which is notably quicker than our 14.42-ms average for gaming displays.


The Predator is definitely far from room shaking, but its built-in 7-watt speakers are impressively crisp and loud.It maintains the impact of most in-game sounds. If you want to get as immersed as possible you should probably pick up a set of speakers or a good headset, but the Predator's speakers are perfectly suitable.

Modes and Features

The Predator features a lot of additional bells and whistles, including the ability to add a special crosshair overlay to the screen. There are three different crosshair types you can choose.

Other features include Dark Boost as well as an on-screen frame-rate counter. Once you’ve found your perfect combination of all these settings (besides brightness and color), you can save a maximum of three custom profiles for booting up all of your preferred features at once.

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