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Recommended key bindings in PUBG

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In this post, I will be going over the most important key bindings in PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. Remember that the whole point of having key bindings is making you able to perform certain actions and performing actions faster. By having proper key bindings will just make your game more fluid. So which keys are worth binding?

Medical keys in PUB:G

As for the medical keys, you should be definitely binding these. The most important ones and the ones you’ll be using most commonly are Boost and First Aid. Boost is by far the most important one, as you often use Boost in tight situations when you need the extra healing over time or Speed Boost that it gives you. First Aid is the primary healing source in Undergrounds closely followed by Bandages. But Bandages are more of a last resort or something you use if you don’t want to waste your First Aid kit at first place.

So, prioritize Boost, then First Aid and Bandage. In addition, don’t mind binding medkits because they’re so rare that you’ll be fine using them from the inventory menu anyway. My suggestion is to have Boost as T, First Aid as H and Bandage as Y (because Y is a great key to use for bandages, right?).

Firing Mode

Firing mode is something you switch a lot. And firing mode is by default B, which is right next to the view change default key V. This means you can find yourself pressing V by mistake quite often and it really isn’t helpful. I suggest you change the key binding of either B or V. But since changing firing mode is something you need more often than switching to the first-person view, you should prioritize firing mode.

My suggestion - let firing mode be bonded at B because you probably use that already. And decide on your own if you want to risk changing the view by mistake. I just keep it the way they are because I feel I’ve gotten used to it anyway.

Zeroing Distance

I don’t personally use zeroing distance because I’m used to aiming above my targets but at extreme range, it can be super helpful though. So I suggest binding zeroing distance to your mouse (if you use it) because it feels pretty intuitive.

Toggle Map

The map is an interesting one because you press that a lot but I’ve gotten so used to having it at M, that I can’t really see myself changing it. Therefore all I can say - it’s really up to your own preference.

Push To Talk

It’s important to have Push To Talk bonded if you’re playing squads or dual with random people without a third party voice program.

Mine is bonded to Caps Lock as it really is important to give that voice communication when you need it.

Crouch & Prone

Regarding Crouch and Prone, I suggest you keep them as close as what you used to from other games. For me, that’s Z for Prone and C for Crouch.


In case you didn’t know it, you can autorun in this game. I’ve bonded it to the same key I’ve always use for autorun while playing MMOs. And if you have a standard autorun key, use it.


Buttons Extremely important to have bonded as you need to use them a lot. I think the default bindings are great on Q and E.

Grenade (Weapon_5)

By default Select Grenade is bonded to 5 but I’ve re-bonded it to G as G stands for a grenade.

Unequip Weapon (Unarm)

Also important to bind and by default it’s X. You need to unequip your weapon when you need that extra run boost and it comes in handy quite often. My suggestion is keeping it at X but binding it to your mouse could be a good idea too.

Seat Swapping

And one last thing regarding sweat swapping in vehicles, I think it’s a bit counterintuitive that it’s bonded to Ctrl + 1, Ctrl + 2 etc., so I suggest changing it to F1, F2 and so on because it just makes so much more sense.

In conclusion, key bindings are extremely preference based. So just ensure that you have your key bonded to whatever feels most natural to you. It’s obvious that you should have the most commonly used key bindings in positions really easy to reach.

I hope this served as some inspiration as which keys are important to bind.

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