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The Pros

  • Durable build quality;
  • Full-on mechanical switches;
  • Sophisticated, classy design

The Cons

  • Slow USB 2.0 pass through;
  • No dedicated media buttons

Although in some little ways Logitech G413 Carbon fails to meet the high bar Logitech has set for itself, it is one of the most inexpensive and maybe even - the best gaming keyboards on the market right now.

There’s a gorgeous, inexpensive and fully mechanical gaming keyboard introduced by Logitech and it’s really worth your attention! It’s currently making it the most affordable frameless option on the market.


The Logitech G413 Carbon might look a little naked when compared to most gaming keyboards (or just the most traditional ones). You are able to see the underlying base plate of the keyboard in all its glory.

Losing the external covering hasn’t affected the sturdiness at all. Thanks to its sturdy, aluminum-magnesium alloy plate, it’s actually difficult to bend or find any points of flex on the G413. Also, because of the set of diagonally formed lines, which add to its solidity, even the plastic underside of the keyboard feels hard.

However, the only thing some users might dislike is how the keycaps basically float over the baseboard without having any protection on the sides. But honestly, you’ve got to love the simple design, even the cleanup is easier.

Logitech has grown progressively when it comes to keyboard thickness and sophistication. G413 Carbon feels like the last major success with its completely exposed frame that measures just a centimeter thick.


Instead of using Cherry MX switches or membranes like last few budget keyboard offerings, Logitech G413 Carbon comes with a full addition of Romer-G switches.

Since these Romer-G switches are rated for 70 million actuators, they should definitely last you a while. There are also a set of 12 faceted keycaps which you can use to replace the first five number keys (a few others too), as well as the WASD.


Unfortunately, due to the minimalistic philosophy for G413, it seriously affects its feature set. Different from other Logitech’s keyboards, G413 doesn’t include any dedicated media buttons. Of course, the keyboard users can just press the function button to switch around the shortcuts attached to the F-keys but that feels like an old omission while they’re available on the even-lower-priced G213 Prodigy Gaming keyboard.

Also, while we enjoy the USB passthrough, it’s just USB 2.0. And, unfortunately, it comes with data transfer speed that’s slower.

Though this connectivity level is comparable to the Corsair Strafe and it actually does a fine job of supporting peripherals for wireless, as well as it comes in handy for charging devices.

In addition, there’s a cable pathway in the bottom of the keyboard, which can be used for routing your headphone cable. At the same time, an extra “U-shaped” channel works as an anchor point for your wired gaming mouse.

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