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The Pros

  • Nvidia G-Sync;
  • Solid game performance;
  • Fully adjustable stand

The Cons

  • Awkwardly heavy settings menus;
  • No game presets


The AOC Agon AG241QG has its failings such as a clunky interface for settings and a lack of specialized game presets. But altogether, it delivers a solid quad-HD display with Nvidia G-Sync and a strong performance in games all for a very decent price. While AOC is best known for making less pricey monitors and a few TVs, with its new Agon line, the company is taking a big step toward serious gamers. With its 24-inch screen, AG241QG boasts an impressive 165Hz refresh rate, 2560 x 1440 resolution, and Nvidia G-Sync technology, while holding an affordable price!


This monitor is aimed at gamers, so the Agon line becomes a little more flash than the usual drab designs of AOC’s. The panel is surrounded by a slim bezel but on the back, you can find a bold, red chevron design, and the stand itself has an angular metal design that looks pretty elegant. It’s attached with screws and can be removed to accommodate a VESA mount.

The AG241QGs stand offers some ergonomic customization options, allowing you to tilt between minus 5 and 23 degrees, swivel horizontally 20 degrees in either direction and raise and lower the monitor between the height of 16 and 21 inches.

There’s also a handy tick that marks on the back hinge and height-adjustable stand to let you know the specifics of your favorite setup. For the times when you wish to have a vertical orientation, the monitor offers 90-degree pivoting as well.

In addition, it has some other great nuances built in such as a handle that’s integrated into the stand and makes it easy to move the monitor. On the right side of the frame is a headphone hook located, but when you don’t find it necessary, it’s possible to fold it easily out of the way.

Ports and Interface

When it comes to video input, the AG241QG is equipped with DisplayPort and HDMI connections. It also has plenty of USB 3.0 ports, with two on the back panel beside the USB 3.0 Type-B port.

On the right side of the display frame, you can find another two USB 3.0 ports. One of the ports on the side also offers fast charging, making it useful for charging up a tablet or phone while playing.

Furthermore, The AG241QG has connections for headsets and headphones, but for monitor-through audio, you’ll need to use HDMI.

The settings menus of the monitor are navigated using an array of buttons on the bottom-side of the display frame’s right corner. They are easy to find and offer decent feedback, but the menus themselves are clumsy to navigate.

Modes and Special Features

The biggest downside for AG241QG is the lack of gaming presets. To get straight to the point, there are none! It allows you adjust a couple of aspects of the picture, from brightness and contrast to game color and blue-light levels, but the funny thing is, that there are no presets to choose from.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there are no gaming-oriented features. AG241QG has a mode that you can select on and off in order to ramp up the refresh rate past the 144Hz, and there’s also an available timer that will remind you to take a break after a long time of use.

Also, there’s a Shadow Control option, which is basically a black stabilization solution that allows lightening the darker parts of an image without bleaching brighter areas. It’s a pretty handy option to have when playing games with heavy shadows hiding enemies or details.

The monitor has a pair of 2-watt speakers built in as well. They provide a fair amount of volume when you don’t have a headset or don’t feel like using one. Obviously, it won’t offer the same deeply engaging sound that a good gaming headset will, but for a basic stereo sound, it’s quite good.

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