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The Pros

  • Responsive sensor;
  • Useful sniper button;
  • Great build quality and it looks great.

The Cons

  • Not ideal for flick shots;
  • Surface can build up sweat.


As long as you’re a right-handed, palm-grip, FPS gamer, the Corsair M65 Pro RGB has a lot to offer. Starting from an insanely accurate sensor, extremely solid build quality, plenty of customization options to being available even in white.

Good weight adjustment system. CUE software is extremely flexible for both beginners and enthusiasts.

This masterpiece, the M65 RGB pro, should definitely be on any right-handed FPS gamer's wishlist!

Ergonomics and Design

The M65 features an aluminum unibody frame that I’m not sure there are airplanes that feature the same type of aluminum, but I can tell you the build quality of the mouse is the first rate. It weighs 135.5 grams and offers a pleasing heft and rigidity. The mouse employs three optional weights secured to its bottom panel, but you can freely remove them by using a screwdriver or a coin.Without those, the mouse drops to 115 grams. There’s a soft plastic coating on the top piece that consists of the right- and left-click buttons as well as palm rest.

The Corsair M65 Pro RGB features five big glide pads on the bottom panel. Also, eight programmable buttons. In addition to left- and right-click buttons, the mouse offers a clickable scroll wheel, three buttons for your thumb, and DPI up and down buttons. There’s a "sniper" button below the standard forward and back thumb buttons, which reduces the DPI setting when held down.

Even in a crowd of mice that are highly sensitive, it offers extreme sensitivity and features an optical sensor of 12,000dpi, as well as surface tuning capability for extreme accuracy.


Corsair's Gaming Mouses software is named the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE). CUE works across all the products of the company that support software control, therefore, it offers a lot of options and is full-featured. No doubt the most important setting to adjust is the DPI range that you are able to cycle through while gaming. Also, you can regulate up to five DPI settings ranging from 800dpi to 9,000dpi, which is quite common. However, Corsair allows going even further, reaching a max of 12,000dpi which is a huge range or dropping down as low as 100dpi.

There is also an independent slider to set the DPI for the sniper button in order to, for example, decrease the DPI to 100 when zoomed in with a sniper rifle and later have it return to 8,000 when you release it.

In addition, you are able to adjust the M65 for your mousing surface regardless the surface you have it on. CUE has you click and drag an icon for about five seconds to finish the calibration. The mouse’s polling rate is also adjustable, which is a semi-common feature of gaming mice. Corsair is set to a rate of 1,000Hz (1ms response time) but you can decrease it to 500Hz (2ms), 250Hz (4ms), or 125Hz (8ms). The mouse features onboard memory for storing profiles as well. You can take all of them with you, saving you very long setup procedures when gaming at a friend’s house.


The Corsair M65 Pro RGB feels smooth, responsive and very accurate. Button placement feels comfortable, and FPS fans will definitely adore the dedicated sniper button that features its own DPI setting. Also, the buttons offer elastic feedback and excellent travel and are amazingly quiet when clicked.

The Corsair is such a stellar across the gaming spectrum. The soft-touch plastic seems not to lose its grip even when the hand gets a little sweaty, and the curved, grippy sides make it feel like being in complete control of the mouse at all times. The buttons for thumb are located in just right spots and generally where a human could reach them without repositioning or straining the grip.

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