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The Pros

  • Smooth looking and very comfortable;
  • Adjustable side buttons;
  • Brilliant dual sensor system, onboard memory;

The Cons

  • For right-handed users only;
  • Some users have found button issues after 1 year of use

This is the best gaming mouse that is available on the market. It’s wireless but performs as good as any wired gaming mouse. It’s lightweight, 7 programmable buttons, customizable, has a comfortable design, and great software. Unfortunately, you’ll have to plug in every few days to charge up (like most wireless gaming mice), unless you wish to spend another $100 on the POWERPLAY mouse pad. But if you do, you’ve entered mouse heaven.

The remodeled Logitech G903 now supports wireless charging (it’s optional), but even without it - this mouse is excellent!

Design and Features

The charcoal black mouse has a slick innovative, which, fortunately, doesn’t get in the way of a comfortable grip. The mid-profile design is suitable for either a claw or palm grip. For left-handers will appreciate its’ side buttons that are customizable. The mouse has spaces for two buttons on both the right and left side. On the top of the mouse, you can find two small buttons that are meant to lower or raise the DPI settings. As for the bottom, there you’ll find a switch to turn the wireless receiver off or on, a button to switch through the onboard stored profiles (up to 5), as well as a round disc. It’s just a blank cover where you’ll put on the POWERCORE module in case you buy the POWERPLAY mat.

Logitech's logo and the three small battery level lights blaze elegantly and can be set to any color you wish or made to cycle through different colors.

And as for charging, you need to use the micro-USB in the front.


All of Logitech’s gaming peripherals are controlled through Logitech Gaming Software app and so is G903. There are plenty of control functions for the G903. You can choose to use onboard memory (storing up to five profiles for button assignments or macros, lightning, and sensitivity), or you can choose to use the solution that is PC-based and store per-game profiles. In fact, you can switch between these two modes whenever you like.

There are four types of button layouts. Mouse wheel clicks, the side buttons, and DPI adjustment buttons can each be set to one of the possible 22 mouse functions (or any key combo, keystroke, or a programmable macro).

You are able to set up to five DPI sensitivity levels varying from 200 to 12,000.

Also, the software allows you to adjust the mouse movement to different surfaces. In addition, Logitech’s gaming software syncs with your phone as well. You can do that through Arx Control.

Gaming Performance and Battery Life

Of course, the mouse is not completely without flaws, but it’s simply the best wireless gaming mouse ever seen. Excellent gaming performance begins with the sensor. Logitech G903 tracks perfectly and picks up the slightest movements without interpolation.

Depending on what kind of configuration you have, battery life can range from 22 to 32 hours. There’s battery page in the software and it has a display estimating how much power will be used depending on your current setting, as well as how long a full charge will last.

However, the greatest downside to G903 is that if you want to charge it, you have to plug it in. It takes about two hours to fully charge.

It’s not unique to Logitech that wireless gaming mice don’t last very long on a single charge, but it’s unique in having a brilliant solution that allows to ignore charging entirely: the POWERPLAY system.


System The G903 and G703 are the first Logitech mice to support its new POWERPLAY technology. POWERPLAY is a mousepad that combines wireless charging with a wireless receiver. All you’ve to do is plug your mouse cable into the pad, then put a small coin-shaped POWERCORE module into the bottom of the mouse. It’s really kind of miraculous.

Charging with the POWERPLAY is a little strange. The pad charges just fast enough to keep the mouse provided with as much power as it uses while gaming. While leaving the mouse alone in the middle of the pad for a couple of hours it also charges up, but still quite slow. But the whole point is to use the wireless mouse as you would a wired mouse (never thinking about batteries), the POWERPLAY system achieves that. So who cares that it takes two days to charge up using the pad? The charge never goes down, so you’re completely in a wireless mode that’s infinite.

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