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The Pros

  • Extremely comfortable and Lightweight;
  • Super responsive, smooth sensor;
  • Time-tested design

The Cons

  • No weight adjustment;
  • No onboard memory; 

The DeathAdder Chroma is definitely not a luxurious RGB gaming mouse, but it’s a perfect "starter mouse" if you're planning to begin your journey towards the world of specialized gaming peripherals. Button-mapping and customization options are on the lower end of the spectrum though, but build quality, accuracy, and comfort make up for any lack of personalization. It's the perfect mouse to begin a lifelong obsession with the peripherals of PC gaming. It even comes in configuration of a left-hand.

The DeathAdder Chroma is a super comfy, fantastic entry-level gaming mouse, especially for those planning to enter the world of specialized gaming peripherals!


The rubberized textures on the left and right side of the Deathadder Chroma make sure your hand doesn’t slip out, as well as feels comfortable on the thumb and fingers. Some other mice create discomfort after long hour use, but the impression of the Deathadder Chroma is that it’s one of the most comfortable mice ever produced.

Although the mouse lacks the ability to fine-tune the weight, Razer did a brilliant job on its design by creating the perfect heft without feeling cumbersome. It’s comfortable and feels natural for fingers to rest on the right and the left buttons of the mouse. There is no unnecessary button or awkward finger placement.

In addition, if you’re left-handed, Razer hasn’t forgotten you. There are Deathadder Chroma for southpaws sold named the Left-Hand Edition, and is completely the same as this one except for the reversed buttons. While the majority of gaming mice are designed for right-handers, it’s great to see an option for that 10-percent of people who prefer left hands to be dominant.


The Deathadder Chroma doesn't offer much in the way of adjusting it to your liking. In total there are only five buttons (including the mouse wheel), which is basically the minimum amount of buttons we expect on a mouse. Using the Synapse software all but the left-click button can be programmed, therefore, if you require customization for macros or DPI sensitivity switching, this mouse isn’t for you.

However, the simple design provides gaming without unnecessary worries of what button does what, or touching something by accident and dying.

Lightning is also pretty simple, as only the logo of the Razer and the mouse wheel are illuminated. You can change the color and style of the Razer logo and the mouse wheel separately. The lightning on the device can be controlled by Chroma-enabled apps, but with your eyes on the screen and hand on the mouse, you never actually see the lights.

Chroma-enabled apps can control the lighting on the device, but with your hand on the mouse and eyes on the screen, you never really see the lights anyway.


The Deathadder uses Razer's Synapse software, and it's used for all of the company's products. If you've used a Razer product before you probably and have the app installed on your computer, you don't need to reinstall anything. After it’s connected, the software allows you to customize the buttons, adjust the sensitivity of the optical sensor, tweak the lighting scheme, adjust the polling rate and calibrate the mouse to the surface you’re using.


The Deathadder Chroma is easy to make a mouse of choice for both everyday applications and gaming. It fits comfortably in hand, and there are no unneeded buttons or strange angles to disturb the usage. There's nothing much about the Deathadder Chroma than just the usual left and right mouse buttons, a clickable mouse wheel, and a pair of forward and back buttons near the thumb placement. It's easy to use, very simple and always comfortable. Even after hours of gaming hand doesn’t feel fatigued.

Yes, it lacks some of the fine-tuning features that are available on other gaming mice, but for an easy-plug-and-play experience, the Deathadder is difficult to beat.

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