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Keybinds: Make your LoL setup more efficient

In League of Legends, key bindings are some of the most essential and arguably topics. Everyone seems to have their own concept or idea of what is and isn’t the best, but since I’ve gone through various setups, I’m going to share what I have learned to become the best.

Finger Placement

First let's begin with the most basic part of keybindings, which is finger placement. To get the best out of it, place fingers on W, A, D and shift. Another common strategy is to place fingers on Q, W, E, and R, but the setup definitely feels lower in quality. Why? Because having your fingers placed on those keys makes reaching for ctrl and shift quite awkward.


Honestly, this section pretty much depends on preferences. Using 2,3 and z, x, c and side mouse button for the trinket feel as the easiest reaches, while for many other people different options seem more comfortable. So, it’s really up to what everyone is most comfortable with.

Attack Move

But now, listen, this is the most important. It’s a must to bind your attack move to left click (especially for ADC mains). The reason for this is that the attack move is a key that is crucial for kiting. Other setups have the bind on multiple key presses such as a + left click and shift + right click. If you bind attack move to just left click, it reduces the number of key presses making the action easier to perform and also, your reaction way faster. I know, I know, you are not able to bind actions to left click in League of Legends, but you can change it through the configuration file of the game.


Talking about casting your abilities, it’s good to have just as standard of a setup as they come. And another thing worth mentioning, when you get a hang of a champion, in my opinion, you should smart-cast every single ability once again because it may lead to you having a quicker reaction and can definitely most likely be the difference between life or death.

Self-cast/ Ability

Level Self-cast is something that’s not completely necessary for every champion, but for many, it is super important. Quickly leveling up your abilities is essential for every camp because it can mean a successful kill or a lost opportunity. Both of these are interchangeable, putting them on alt, shift or ctrl plus your desired ability lets you use both very quickly.

Attack Champion Only

Usually connected to tilde (~), this bind is way too essential to be on such a weird key. This key lets you easily attack the target you intended even while having minions and the tower in your way. Binding it to space and binding the button of your lock camera to something else is a wise and recommended thing to do.

To conclude, if you are one of those who’s usually been stuck with the normal keys, try this out! Obviously, it will seem a little awkward at first but really, after some time, you’ll totally fall in love with it!

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