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League of Legends is free-to-play, multiplayer online battle arena by Riot Games and is simply the best MOBA game you can buy. Its gameplay includes tower defense, elements of role-playing, and real-time strategy. It also includes the playable characters (also known as Champions) demonstrate a deep level of variation. Competition level of each match increases as the game drags you in deeper and deeper into addiction. League of Legends is a no-brainer Editors' Choice PC game due to these reasons, as well as is a surprisingly accessible MOBA.

League of Legends

We Are the Champions

Becming familiar with your Champions results in success. The frequently banned Mundo, as an example, is ideal for top-lane play due to his ability pokes making it easy to attack carefully, high Hit Point regeneration, and Escape Utility. Sadly, overpowered Champions aren't uncommon. This is an issue that brings a lot of frustration in the community of League of Legends. In addition, besides the ablities Champions have active during combat, they have their own unique passive abilitiesas well. There are more than 100 Champions to unlock or buy, so there's a lot to explore.

League of Legends

Gold Farming, Item Building, Customization

You can buy equipment that boosts base stats from the gold you farm by killing minions. They are easy to kill and you don't lose any gold if you get bitten. Rather than the item-building process is in a game like Smite, this is less of a hassle. Even if you lose you earn Experience Points after every match. Every level-up unlocks a Mastery Point, but Influence Points unlock additional cosmetic skins, Champions, or Runes. Per Rune Page up to 30 Runes can be used, and as you level up they can be replaced by more powerful Runes. Also, Riot Points can be purchased with real currency to buy Champions, skins, and Runes. Champions cost approximately from 2 to 8 USD.

League of Legends

Ranked Matches and Other Modes

Reaching Summoner level 30, and unlocking (or purchasing) 16 Champions is when the real competition starts. Duo and ranked solo matches become available after competing in a large number of normal matches. League Points are used to categorize players in levels from Bronze to Challenger. As you level up mistakes become more costly. The most skillful players can beat your squad up in an instant, changing it from a casual game to a real eSport. However, outside of Summoner’s Rift are other modes to dabble with when a break from the core gameplay is needed.

Graphics and Specs

The games intense colors and crazy artwork make the environment and character models pop. Some Champions are based on figures of historical mythologies and mythological creatures while others are quirky, strange characters. The game has a lot of visual charm and its’ low-impact graphics can be played on any modern set-up (moves at a 60-frames-per-second clip). You can adjust character models, environments, and special effects as well.

League of Legends

A True Legend

League of Legends' accessibility is one of its outstanding points, but it does not mean there’s a lack in gameplay elements. The way cooldowns, equipment, skillshots, unique abilities work in tandem creates League of Legends the face of MOBA gaming, surpassing the likes of Heroes of the Storm and Dota 2. Gameplay becomes competitive, satisfying and impressively addictive once you've gotten used to the constant opposing motions.

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