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Splatoon 2 is a bit difficult to review, because you might taste the game absolutely different depending on if you have or haven't played the first one. The issue (if that even counts) goes straight to that number 2 looming at the end of the game's name. It represents expectations, especially for the returning players, which at the end do not seem to be met causing regret for the buyer. Secondly, new players might as well avoid the game completely, because they assume that the original game must be played before to understand what's going on there. That's a pity. Because at its essence, the game is actually one of the most fun and creative shooters we've ever found so far. And it's a must for every Switch owner to have in their library.

Splantoon 2

So, what's Splatoon?

Splatoon is Nintendo's performed by the multiplayer shooter. It notices you playing like an Inkling - imaginary creatures that are able to switch between mankind and squid forms as wished. Most of your time will be spent in multiplayer battles, where the main idea is to cover the map in colored ink. There are two teams of four and the one which has the most colored territory at the end of the match is the winner. Sure, you can aim to "kill" and shoot your opponents, but that doesn't necessarily benefit you-aside from having your opponent taken out of the game temporarily. In addition, the game has a various choice of weapons, ranging from water pistol-style guns to more innovative options, such as rollers, brushes, and even buckets. Each of them provide a different gameplay technique. There is also a cooperative horde mode called Salmon Run, as well as a single player campaign with symbol Nintendo which platforms exciting mechanics, challenges, and massive boss battles.

Splantoon 2

What's new in the sequel?

Honestly, there's not so much of new content and this is what causes some serious discussion between returning players. There is a great improvement on the original game version, and the campaign is completely new. Mechanical details are introduced and repeated regularly. Also, the level of challenge is way more purified. The horde style mode, called Salmon Run, is new. You and up to three other players get challenged to stay alive through salmon waves, batter bosses, and steal the golden eggs which they protect.

Splantoon 2

Of course, there are also a bunch of new weapons and I'd say - Splat Duelies is the most notable. Inkjet and Splashdown, the two new specials, make an appearance as well, and it looks like some new weapons are about to arrive later on as free updates. Also, there are a lot of new aesthetic choices to select from, such as various hairstyle and clothes (some only available while using amiibo). Long story short, it's a new online mode called league mode, where teams of two or four fight against each other in a period of two hours. And not to forget, local battles are possible to be set as private. Wrapping it up is a new online mode called league mode, in which teams of two or four battle it out against each other in a two hour period. Oh, and local battles can now be set as private.

Splantoon 2

So is it worth it?

If you've never tried Splatoon before, then there's no doubt about it, buy the game. It's super fun and creative shooter that's a must for your Switch library. It's not sharply defined if you have played it before though. Of course, the single player has enormously developed, the battles are still as addictive, and also, there are more multiplayer choices due to the new Salmon Run. But, unfortunately, it doesn't add up to the expectations to be called a proper outcome because of the lack of new content. And, to be honest, Splatoon 1.5 or Deluxe would fit better. It's your choice to define it as a problem or not. Because do not deceive into thinking otherwise - Splatoon 2 is an extraordinary shooter that has improved from the original in many ways, but if you still own a Wii U and don't mind about upgrading, the purchase might not be worth it due to lack of new content.

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